5 Reasons the Engine’s Not the Agency for You

1) You want to be voiceless. You don’t want your ideas to be heard or your company's needs to be understood. Being kept in the dark until the final reveal, when your agency shows you something that’s completely unexpected and a little confusing and no one’s really sure what it is or what it’s trying to say, is just fine for you.

2) You love change orders and the minor heart palpitations they bring. You don’t want flexibility, you want to lock in a budget that your agency will force you to reevaluate at the final minute, allowing you to explain it to the CFO, COO, Board, whoever! It doesn’t matter, that’s part of the thrill.

3) You cherish the battle between your company and your agency. It shouldn’t be enjoyable. This is cutthroat. You want an adversary who sneers and snickers behind your back that you can vanquish.

4) You know that big ideas are a big waste of time. That trying to do something outside of the box is just an unnecessary risk. Your agency’s shown it’s safer to play it safe, maybe optimize your SEO or add a (very small) accent color to your brand. What’s good now, is good enough.

5) You know the world is gonna settle down. That the constantly changing environment we live in will find its groove. You don’t want your agency to concern itself with a future that’s not going to happen. And lucky for you, they don’t.

Or maybe you don’t like all this. Maybe this is just the way agency relationships have always been. Maybe you didn’t realize you had a choice, but you do - The Engine is Red.

Success is Better Shared

In this industry, we’re dealing with sensitive material. Not just the information, but the emotion of the experience.