Realizing the California Dream

Fetzer Vineyards

Fetzer came to the Engine knowing they had an opportunity to reach a new demographic, together we were able discover the best path - telling the alluringly California story with a new brand, Poppy & Quail. We created the brand to tie together, in an authentic and engaging way, the story of all their premium wines.

Fetzer Vineyards

Web Design & Development

The Benefit of a Better Partnership

The success of Poppy & Quail was in large part a testament to Fetzer’s openness, their willingness to put faith in the Engine as a partner and explore all the paths. It enabled us to put our heads together and use each other’s expertise in inclusive collaboration to push past the ordinary and create a stunning and strategic site.

True to its Roots

Each of Fetzer’s premium wines embodies the unique elements of the land where they’re grown, and together those comprise the full promise of California. The wines, and the website tell of the landscape, people, and passion that could be explored in each bottle, each page. It was at once simple, effective, and true to Fetzer and, the newly realized, Poppy & Quail.

The Future is Golden

And like the California story, the true potential of Fetzer and the Engine’s collaboration seems limitless. This is just the beginning of Poppy & Quail’s journey, as we continue to combine our expertise, the brand is ideally set up for a plethora of opportunities - from events to content and social to lifestyle and beyond.

"From the outset the Engine became part of our team as they collaborated with us and navigated us through the process of crafting the vision for Poppy & Quail. We could not be happier with the outcome of their work."

David Head

Sales Manager

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