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First Cal Mortgage

First Cal came to the Engine with great ambition and a determined new Marketer, Carly Thomas, ready to take their business to the next level. As they entered a new phase of growth, there was an opportunity to evolve their brand. We crafted a warm, caring, knowledgeable brand that would be a trusted guide through an emotional process - first, though, we’d have to travel a similar path, together.

First Cal Mortgage

Collateral Design
Website Design & Development

An Exercise in Empathy

First, we had to understand our emotional attachments. After 33 years, it can be hard to move on from a brand. Good or bad, a brand is what we know. So while there was a desire for change, we understood change can be scary. Working through it together, we explored and found the path that could ease those anxieties.

Fit for FC’s Past and Future

Through conversations with their executive team, customers, employees, and others in their industry, we were able to get the full understanding of their strengths and opportunities. Using that foundation to build a look, feel and voice that captured the authentic First Cal. The warm, knowledgeable, and empathetic brand set them up for future success, while honoring their past.

Buy-in Across the Board

Authenticity was especially important for a business like First Cal, who needs to reach their customers, but also ensure they’re supporting the full gamut of employees - from management, to marketing, to the loan advisors. We devised a strategic rollout plan, that ensured their new brand was seen, understood, and loved by the range of employees and audience.

Bringing the Brand to Life

By continuing to understand and build for First Cal’s needs, we were able to fully realize the potential of this brand. Working in close collaboration with the First Cal team, we created a branded suite of collateral and an award winning website that ensured everyone’s needs were met internally, while telling a brand story that would resonate with their audience.

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