Unifying a Community with Creativity

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Over the last four years, working with Guide Dogs for the Blind’s unique and passionate audiences has pushed us to hone our craft and explore the limits of our creativity. Collaborating together, we’ve been able to produce a range of projects that have established GDB and the Engine at the forefront of accessibility and help bring a community together.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Collateral Design
Website Design + Development

A Brand that Speaks to All of Us

To get there, we immersed ourselves in understanding their mission, as well as the experiences of someone with blindness or low vision. Learning about the everyday frustrations one can experience from things that we’d take for granted - navigating a cell phone, counting cash, or reading a dinner menu. From bold typography and paper textures, contrast tools and screen readers, we were able to work together and forge a brand that wasn’t merely accessible, but delightful to all our audiences, regardless of how they see the world.

Constantly Deepening Our Connection

And the learning doesn’t stop. With each new project, we’re developing a greater understanding of GDB and the boundaries of accessibility, design, and technology. Pushing our own skills to create beautiful and strategic work for those with blindness in the process. Because of this trusting relationship, we’ve been able to establish a brand that’s helped them continue their leadership in occupational therapy and beyond.

Never Stop Leading

When collaborating on their new website, our teams set the goal to create an experience that pushed beyond cold, institutional accessibility approaches and embraced technology and design to create something beautiful. Keeping in mind we all have different preferences, we were able to build dynamic contrast and readability controls and optimize for screen readers on a variety of devices. From concept through QA, members of both team’s worked side by side to provide different perspectives, ideas, and insights.

Ongoing Support. Ongoing Success.

The leadership and creative team at GDB has become one of our greatest collaborators, going beyond a typical client relationship to form something inspiring. We continue to find creative ways to work together, pushing each other to find the best ways to bring their community together. From one-off projects to creative explorations, the trust and understanding we’ve established over the years has allowed us to continually find success. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

"They are strategic and creative in equal measure, they provide great account support, and they are genuinely fun to work with."

Karen Woon

Director of Marketing

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