Earning the Right to Dream Bigger


The best ideas come from listening, observing, and studying. To help Medtronic go beyond the typical, we became fluent in their industry, products and brand. We explored cath labs and hospitals, talked to physicians, studied anatomy and physiology, navigated global regulatory environments, and developed a deep understanding and empathy that enabled us to produce inspiring creative.


Strategy and Positioning
Branding and Packaging
Website Design
Interactive Development
Product Launch Support
Sales Tools and Empowerment
Tradeshows and Events
Advertising and Marketing
Long-Term Engagement

Learning and Loving Their Opportunities

By immersing ourselves in their world, we were able to understand and assist them with all their needs, from product packaging to branding. As an integrated partner, we were able to help drive large strategic brand projects, launch new products, and become an extension of their internal marketing teams.

Virtual Reality. Real Results.

Having learned through our discovery process that doctors are most comfortable once they’ve experienced a new therapy, we ventured to create a virtual reality experience that takes them inside the human body. Via an Oculus Rift headset, we enabled them to explore how the innovative DCB was changing the way we approach endovascular therapy. The result was so successful that doctors were waiting in line at Medtronic’s booth to take the trip.

Sustaining Success, Together

The shared drive of Medtronic and the Engine to learn, grow, and tackle new challenges is how we’ve been able to continue to create new successes together. And when you have a collaborative partnership that will do whatever it takes to get results, those results come way easier - and it’s way more enjoyable.

"The Engine also brought value-add ideas to the table as far as overarching portfolio campaigns, out-of-the-box creative ideas to reach our sales force, and product launch support. We haven’t thrown something at them yet that they couldn’t provide. They are a smart, agile and resourceful team and will keep you ahead of the competitive marketing curve."


Director of Marketing Communications - Global Coronary + RDN

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