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Rombauer Vineyards

After the success of our initial digital campaign - Rombauer’s first ever - they were excited to come back again. This time for something new. While, the first was about deepening engagement with their existing audience and elevating our full portfolio the second forced us to find a fresh approach. We were no longer speaking to our audience, but taking a new product to a younger demographic. Yet the results were the same, compelling campaigns that dramatically overperformed.

Rombauer Vineyards

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Playful Appeal in a Classic Package

Our initial campaign had a classic look and sincerely emotional tone that worked for our loyal audience. But to branch out into a new demographic, we needed a bolder look and more enchanting feel. Adding a burst of creativity made for a more vibrant, playful campaign that could appeal to our new target audience while still maintaining a depth of emotion they could connect with.

Staying True through the New

While we wanted to reach a younger audience, it was important we didn’t alienate those that already loved us. Appear too young, and we’d be inauthentic to a new demographic while upsetting our loyal followers. We bridged the gap by threading together three storylines - hanging with the family, exploring with a partner, and adventuring with best friends. These are the moments that felt authentic to us and resonated with demographics new and old.

Joining Our Audience’s Story

Though each campaign had a different look and feel, there was a truth that carried over into both - our audience was the star. Whether young or old, married or single, the ads were about their experience and their joy. We were just a part of that - the taste of friendship, the aroma of adventure, the feeling of family was theirs. By adhering to this truth, we can become a deeper part of their personal story.

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