Visibility Beyond a Billboard

Swinerton Builders

As the trend of adaptive reuse was taking off, Swinerton Builders was looking to firmly establish themselves as a leader in the arena. They knew they had to do something that would reach their audience, to further push them to dream bigger. Working together, we developed a project planner app that made a meaningful connection with their audience - the architects, developers, realtors, investors and tenants - by making their visions more concrete.

Swinerton Builders

UI UX Design
iOS App Development

Proving Our Worth

Swinerton exists in a world where you have to earn trust, to have someone's back when they need it. The real outweighs any idea. No billboard, no traditional marketing approach was ever going to be as effective as a product that could provide meaningful value. Hunch earned the trust of Swinerton’s audience by enabling them to experience real value, and realize their own dreams.

Results Beyond Expectations

The app allowed users to input basic project info - building size, desired rooms and amenities - and it would create a rough estimate of their idea. And it worked better than we could have anticipated. When a major tech company was starting to scope a new San Diego office, they decided to test out Hunch. Simply and without wasting valuable time, it was able to provide them with an initial estimate within 1% of the final costs.

The Case for Collaboration

The results were validation of the work that we’d put in together. With the combination of Swinerton and the Engine, we were able to push beyond our individual expertise and create something that was truly inspiring.

Still Striving for Better

Learning about the needs and wants, about Swinerton and their audience, and pivoting to meet them was all part of a better agile collaboration. It’s what helped us earn the insights that create great work. And it’s inspired Swinerton to come back as we continue to refine Hunch and launch their next project - Sunscreen, a solar installation management app.

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