The Engine is Red

Black Lives Matter

George Floyd

We are absolutely heartbroken and devastated by the murder of George Floyd. We stand in unity with the black community as the world fights against racism, oppression, and bigotry. As we watch our second home of Minneapolis fight for justice, the consistent pain erupting across the world is the devastating effect of systemic racism within our society and government.

We recognize our privilege in this world and are continuously striving every day to do good, and be even better. With that, we have compiled a list of organizations that are helping to rebuild the communities in Minneapolis and protect people of color. It is up to us to talk less, and listen more. Listen to black stories, empathize with their pain, and stand up when you see or hear acts of racism. We encourage you to click through the links, donate where you can, and sign petitions that will charge those accountable and bring justice to those who are innocent.