The Engine is Red

The Road Home

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away…

Actually it was more like a block and a half away, several years ago…

I worked a few doors down from the Engine is Red. I was a Marketing Director of an architectural firm and they were the new kids on the (literal) block. Our paths crossed many times over the years and this led to the Engine designing a new website for my firm. We solved design challenges, collaborated on content development, and launched a dynamic site we were incredibly proud of.

And then I stumbled upon a book that made me pause. The Crossroads of Should & Must by Elle Luna. While I was rocking my professional accomplishments to the outside world, I’d become comfortably numb not flexing my creative muscles. I wanted more. More ideas, more conversations, more laughter, more collaboration. There was this extraordinary pull to become the best version of myself. So I took the leap and followed my “must”.

This led to crafting content for small businesses, writing a column for Sonoma Magazine, and blogging for the Press Democrat. And then the stars aligned. I found my new tribe at the Engine is Red. A place where my creative spirit has room to grow in an environment that is supportive, inspiring, and just damn fun. We laugh. We work hard. Plus the coffee is really good.

The way we engage with our clients is just one of the reasons I’m here. We don’t do the “Big Reveal.” We work side by side with our clients to refine our ideas. This collaborative approach inspires me to push myself creatively. Each project is an opportunity to learn and make a difference.

I left my ego at the door and joined a team who thrives together. Our best work occurs with each other. There’s inherent vulnerability in the creative process, yet we can’t grow better ideas until they’re shared and built upon. This is freeing! We’re in this together, and not tucked away in a personal silo. I’m part of a team of incredible humans who work their a**es off to create work that delivers results to our clients. While it took a few years to lead me back downtown, it feels good to be home.